The 2018/19 Texas cyclocross season kicks off late September with weeknight and weekend racing returning to North Texas. All NTXCX, FWCX and Texas Cross Syndicate events require a timing transponder. New for this season the active system will be utilized at all Austin area Capital City Racing events (The Six Shooter, Webberville CX and The Cross of Ages). Don't wait until you get to the races and have to rush to the rental line, purchase your own transponder now.






True, but the technology can do so much more. We are talking about active or "battery powered" RF-ID transmitters for scoring bicycle races. The future is here and reached North Texas during the 2016/17 North Texas cyclocross season.  The technology improves the accuracy and timeliness of race results while providing all sorts of per-racer lap data in real-time via the Internet. This system, or more specifically race|result's active timing hardware, is being utilized at several weeknight and weekend road and cyclocross events throughout Texas.