What are timing transponders?

Timing and scoring complete fields of competitors at road and cyclocross events can be time intensive for human judges. With the implementation of active RF-ID timing transponders used by each racer in an event scoring, lap times and overall placement can be dramatically improved. 

During the 2016/17 cyclocross season the race|result ActivePro system was implemented at all NTXCX weekends, WNX weeknight races and SCX UCI races. Racers experienced fast, accurate results combined with lap timing for races (including average and fastest lap calculations). Moving into the 2017 Texas road season the same timing/scoring system will be implemented to augment human officiating crews at select North Texas weekend road events as well as the 28-week King Racing Group Fair Park Criterium Series.

At these events racers will be required to have an ActivePro transponder affixed to their bicycle for scoring purposes. Racers are strongly encouraged to purchase their own transponder in order to avoid paying a per use rental fee in addition to the extra time picking up and returning the transponder after each event. Each transponder is guaranteed by the manufacturer for four years. Grab your timing transponder today!